The Electrostatic Generator
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electrostatic system generators are the best option for the environmentally conscious homeowners who have little time to maintain and spray tech sprayer clean their outdoor electrical systems. With a few clicks of your mouse, you can create an electrostatic discharge (ESD) to charge your batteries or electrostatic spray coating your lawn mower blades. This will protect your investment while helping to save the environment.

One common electrostatic generator uses an electromagnetic field to create a charge. The electric field is generated by a magnet and a small charge is produced when a piece of metal is struck by a magnetic field. When the metal touches the ground, electrostatic system it creates a static charge. When the charge is stored, you can use the device to charge a battery or your lawnmower blades.

Electrostatic generators are also called static electricity generators because they create a static charge in an area that does not have electricity. The static electricity is produced by applying an alternating current to the area.