The British Aerospace BAE
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Key to the BAe-146 design had been the 40-square-foot, hydraulically-actuated petal air brakes forming an integral, aerodynamic part of the tailcone at the extreme end of the fuselage and deployable to a most 60-diploma place. Augmenting gradual, managed, elevated descent rates, Pneumatic diaphragm that they had enabled the aircraft to descend at 7,000 fpm above 10,000 feet and 4,000 fpm below it, facilitating short-runway operation and eliminating the necessity for thrust reversers.Plunging via the dirty opaque obscurity at 15,780 feet, Fight 229 triumphed over white, mountainous-appearing cumulous, now unrestrictedly bulleting by means of the illustriously-blue mid-afternoon purity at 18,640 feet. Inching the throttle again a second later, the British regional liner settled into its 21,000-foot degree off plateau at a 354-knot floor pace with 97.7 miles remaining to its destination.