From The Mouths Of Babes - Kids Say The Funniest Things
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To express the sacs externally, place a tissue over the anus (to absorb the secretion), then wearing rubber gloves, use your thumbs to press on both sides of the anus simultaneously. This forces the fluid out of the sacs. If it has formed into a paste, this method may not be effective.

I was delighted to see that they enjoyed their vocal discovery as much as I did, so much that they couldn't stop singing once they started. Hearing one of the babes start its singing at 3.30am the following morning, even beating the kookaburras who are always the earliest risers, only brought a smile to my face in the midst of sleep. Its solitary song of joy rang out through the night, sex addiction help accompanied only by frogs who were busy singing their own delightful songs by the creek.

Simple Honesty. Ladies will give it to guys with clear status.